We are film makers and sales agents who use technology
in a unique way to simplify how you promote and sell your project.
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Upstream Flix is a boutique sales company founded in 2009 that specializes in distributing and selling documentaries domestically and internationally.

We have strong relationships with all the major digital platforms, mini-major studios, and traditional broadcasters. Our films succeed on the film festival circuit (Hot Docs, SXSW and TIFF) as well as with traditional and digital distributors.

Like you, we’re also passionate about what we do, and feel the same excitement when projects are screened at major festivals and sold to well-known distributors.

We know the exhilaration of being part of an incredible project, but also know how disappointing it can be when a film fails to rise to its full potential simply because the right eyes never see it.

When your project doesn't have a major star or director it's hard to attract attention. Today, technology is the critical factor pushing projects like yours over the edge by delivering the exposure you need to stand out.

We're not miracle workers though. Your project still needs creative and critical merit. If it does, our process can cost effectively give you a better chance than anything you could ever possibly patch together on your own.

You want eyeballs?

We'll make it easier and cheaper than it has ever been in the past.

We're experts at monetizing films with budgets under $1,500,000.

Our primary goal is to get you the recognition your project deserves.

It's no secret many sales agents and distributors treat lower budget films as filler for catalogues. It's unfortunate, but low budget projects are rarely promoted properly within a company's in-house or outside networks.

We change all that, and work with you, the filmmaker, to help you not only generate instant income via streaming, but at the same time help you develop a plan to increase the potential of securing larger distribution deals.

In part, we reach these goals through participation at select film markets, and by using analytics and social networks to show distributors the positive responses your project generates online via rental streaming, outright purchase, and reviews.

It's time for the Filmmaker to step back into the limelight
to showcase the incredible work you create.

It's time for Producers to step back into the limelight
to showcase the incredible work they create.

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